Plant Systematics
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Mississippi State University
Department of Biological Sciences
P.O. Box GY
Mississippi State, MS 39762
For FedEx delivery: 295 Lee Blvd.
I am interested in the evolution of plant diversity, particularly at the lowest taxonomic levels. In my lab we use multidisciplinary approaches to address a variety of questions in plant evolutionary biology from traditional taxonomy to phylogeography and population genetics.

Current projects include:
1. Phylogeography of California Channel Islands flora
2. Systematics of
Platanthera section Limnorchis
3. Biogeography of rhizobia-legume symbioses
4. Digitization of the MSU herbarium
Lab News
Congratulations to Hanna Dorman (M.S. student) for receiving a GSRA from the Botanical Society of America for her research on rhizobial diversity in Chamaecrista fasciculata!

Congratulations to Lavanya Challagundla for completing her Ph.D.!

We welcome Walter Aminger to the lab to begin work on a Ph.D. and Alenda Buchanan as an undergraduate researcher.
Dr. Lisa Wallace
Associate Professor and Curator of the Herbarium
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